HYPEMedical Becomes St. Michael’s Hospital New OHIP Billing System

18 Jan 2022 07:24 PM

At St. Michael’s Hospital, in Toronto Ontario, office staff, doctors & their spouses, use HYPEHospital to bill OHIP for all services performed by approximately 250 physicians within the hospital and its affiliated community clinics.

SMPA (St. Michael’s Hospital Physicians Association): The SMPA Billing Office handles the collection of all billing aspects for the Department of Medicine Associates of St. Michael’s Hospital located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This encompasses 14 specialties, which practice in the area of Medicine.

SMPA’s Key Responsibilities: Processing of billings including OHIP billing, collection and receipts; and maintaining accounting books and internal financial statements.

 PURPOSE OF 2019 SMPA RFP: To replace the existing legacy software system being utilized by the SMPA with a modern browser or app based billing software. A billing software that is certified to work with OHIP and which will maintain and ensure the financial integrity of the SMPA’s operations. The billing software is to be installed and maintained by a vendor providing top-notch resources and support mechanisms.

Objective: To have a vendor provide, configure, implement and maintain a unified browser or app-based billing software certified to work with OHIP for utilization in a multi-disciplinary environment, which will replace two separate billing programs.

Solution: HYPEMedical;  An OHIP/Medical billing system/ enterprise server, developed, hosted & managed by Hype Systems Inc. of Burlington, Ontario, since 2006.


Time line

Summer 2019  Hype Systems wins SMPA’s RFP, to configure its OHIP Billing Software, HYPEMedical, for all physicians working at St. Michael’s Hospital and affiliated community clinics.

Spring 2021 HYPEMedical OHIP Billing Hospital Edition (HYPEHospitalgoes live, with 10 years of St. Michael’s Hospital patient billing history (migrated).

Fall 2021  HYPEHospital receives a hardware/performance upgrade and a first major update at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Dec. 2021  All HYPEMedical users receive the latest features, including HYPEHospitalHYPEHospital becomes available to hospitals Ontario-wide.

Spring 2022 HYPEHospital is updated according to end users' feature requests.

A Complete OHIP/Medical Billing System for Ontario Hospitalists & their Agents