How to bill the non-patient specific Covid19 service codes

17 Jun 2020 06:03 PM

Bulletin Number: 4759 - Further to INFOBulletin # 4756
Re: COVID-19 Service Codes K087A, K088A, K089A for patients who do not have provincial health insurance. PDF Version
Bulletin Number: 4760 -Further to INFOBulletin # 4755
Re: COVID-19 Service CodesH409A and H410A. PDF Version

Claims with K087A, K088A are non patient specific. The fee billed in such claims should equal the value of the fee code multiplied by the total number of patients served during the same day.

For example, if K087A is claimed for 5 patients seen during the same day, the fee billed should be $118.75 (5 x $23.75).

Similarly, claims with H409A, and H410A are also non patient specific. Here you should specify the number of hours worked (not the number of patients seen) at the Covid19 clinic.
Additionally, the Billing MD field value has to be a doctor profile dedicated to the Covid19 clinic's particular group number.

Finally, K089A is also time based and bills similarly to H409A and H410A. Unlike H409A and H410A, K089A must be the total number of half hour units worked (not hour units worked) for all patients served during the same day. K089A can be billed with the existing doctor profile (prior to Covid19).

We would like to Extend our thanks to Janine Russo for her help with this post. Janine is a billing agent at RMB BILLING SOLUTIONS in the GTA.